6 Instagram Stories Features That Will Help You Get More Engagement

Instagram latest features

In this article, I’m going to list 10 Instagram Stories features that will help you get more engagement.

Instagram stories features 1: Mentions

Using Instagram Stories is a superb approach to connect with your audience and enhance interaction. Here are some of the key features you can use to achieve the best results in your Stories:
Mentions: Elevate your Stories by mentioning other users with the @ symbol. This is a powerful way to provide shoutouts, start conversations, and engage a wider audience in your story.

Location Tags: By adding your location to your Stories, you let your followers know where you are and help them explore related content. This feature is particularly useful when you’re at a well-known event or visiting a popular location.

Hashtags: Hashtags are a valuable tool for broadening your reach and increasing visibility on Instagram. Include relevant hashtags in your Stories to attract the attention of individuals interested in the associated topic.

Stickers: Stickers introduce a fun and interactive dimension to your stories, infusing a sense of excitement. They can also be used to stimulate engagement, like encouraging people to vote or share their thoughts on a particular topic.

Instagram stories features 2: Story Polls

Story polls are a fantastic way to involve your audience in your story. You can ask questions on a variety of subjects, from their food preferences to their opinions on current events. Setting up story polls is swift and straightforward, taking only a few seconds. Furthermore, they provide interactivity and entertainment for your followers, making participation enjoyable.

To create a story poll, begin by swiping up from your home screen when crafting a story. Then, select the ‘poll’ option found at the bottom of the screen. You can proceed to enter your question and provide two choices for people to pick from. Once everything is set up, just click the ‘publish’ button and anticipate the incoming responses!

Instagram stories features 3: Linking Your Story to a New Post

Linking your story to a recent post is a powerful method to increase engagement with your story. It’s akin to creating a mini-advertisement for your latest post, offering your followers a glimpse of its content. This strategy piques interest in your most recent post and encourages discussions about it.

Instagram stories features 4: Hashtags

Incorporating hashtags can notably boost engagement with your Instagram Stories. By using a hashtag, you essentially link your story to a keyword that users can search for. As a result, if someone is searching for that specific hashtag, there’s a greater chance they will stumble upon your story.

To include a hashtag in your story, just add the ‘#’ symbol before the word or phrase you want to use as a hashtag. For example, if you’re sharing a picture of your breakfast, you could use hashtags like #foodporn or #nom.

You can also search for hashtags within Instagram Stories. To do this, swipe up from the bottom of your screen while viewing a story. This will bring up the hashtag keyboard, allowing you to search for specific hashtags.

To enhance the visibility of your stories, think about incorporating location tags. To do this, just tap the ‘Add Location’ button when you’re posting a story. This makes your story visible to people looking for that particular location.

Instagram stories features 5: Promoting your Instagram Account on Other Platforms

There are multiple ways to promote your Instagram account across different platforms. One method involves adding a link to your Instagram profile in the bio sections of other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Furthermore, you can cross-promote your Instagram content on these platforms by using relevant hashtags and tagging @Instagram in your posts.

Another method for promoting your Instagram account is through influencer marketing. This involves partnering with well-known Instagram users who have a significant following. They can help promote your account to their followers, expanding your reach to a larger audience.

Finally, you can choose to utilize paid advertising on Instagram to reach an even broader audience. With this approach, you can target potential customers based on their location, age, gender, and interests. Paid ads are a powerful means of increasing visibility and attracting more followers to your account.

Instagram stories features 6: Engaging with Other Instagrammers

To increase engagement on your Instagram Stories, explore the use of specific features that can elevate interaction. An exceptionally effective approach for connecting with fellow Instagram users is by harnessing the Mentions feature. It allows you to tag and mention other users in your story, effectively capturing their attention and encouraging them to interact with your content.

You can enhance your Instagram Story engagement by employing several essential strategies. Using hashtags is a highly effective method to expand your reach and stimulate conversations around your stories. Make sure to use relevant and trending hashtags that make it easy for people to discover your content. Additionally, creating captivating and interactive content is crucial to encouraging interaction with your audience.


Instagram Stories is a powerful tool for broadening your audience and enhancing engagement. With a carefully planned strategy, Instagram Stories can support audience connection, relationship-building, and even boost sales. If you haven’t integrated Instagram Stories into your marketing strategy, now is the perfect time to start. For those already using it, these 10 features can take your Stories to the next level.