5 Reasons to Add a Blog to Your WooCommerce Store

reasons why you must add a blog to your WooCommerce store

With so many e-commerce platforms out there, the one to grab your attention is for sure WooCommerce. It is an excellent open-source and e-commerce platform built on WordPress and makes your online storefront perfectly functional. While it creates a feel-good appearance, it is user-friendly and good for SEO as well. What else do you need to ask? You may need blogs to address customer queries related to the products. It is nothing but a simple hack for your online store to attract maximum attention and customer loyalty.

Adding a blog to your WooCommerce store makes a big difference as far as visibility is concerned. If you are ready to expand your brand through WooCommerce custom development, here is why adding a blog makes real sense.

Here are 5 reasons why you must add a blog to your WooCommerce store.

  1. Showcasing knowledge about the products displayed Display your products appropriately
    Did you know that adding a blog to share knowledge about products also exemplifies how they suitably resonate with different perspectives and lifestyles of customers?  That is when you need to write blog posts explaining the functionality of the products, their features, in what ways they may prove beneficial, or whether they are fit to address your problems or not.
    Data reveals that five out of six customers would not make purchases on your site the first time. The WooCommerce developers for hire will show you how important it is for customers to get all the details related to various products. However, you need not just write informative blogs and content highlighting the features of the products. Talk to the experts and you will come to know that blogs also share news about the company and offer them an opportunity to journey with the product. Blogs can be used for:
    • Posting overviews, behind-the-scene stories, and announcements
    • Offer catalogs and how-to guides for installation
    • Sharing unusual and surprising benefits associated with the products
    • May talk about the industry and provides an opportunity to educate customers as to how some products may make a difference in their lives.
    • Provide alerts about sales and discounts
    • Answer the general queries of customers
  2. Show your skills and expertise
    What else can you do to demonstrate your skills and expertise than adding blogs to your WooCommerce store? Connect with a WooCommerce development company and get some of the best takes on how to prove to the viewers that you are ready to resolve their queries. You must have noticed a wide range of customers approaching you with some of the most pressing questions for which they need answers. Well, it’s time you wake up to their call and help people feel assured about the recommendations you offer related to your products.
    When showcasing your skills and expertise, you also end up networking with the rest f the people in your industry. The more precise and detailed your information, the better it is to appeal to the customer base. Eventually, networking results in sharing backlinks and guest posts with other sites, podcast appearances, and opportunities of addressing the customers, all of which let your customer base grow. You will never realize the value of customer appreciation that blogs receive until you decide to add blogs.
  3. Rev up customer loyalty
    Do you know the best thing you can ask for your online storefront? What else but repeat customers who keep coming back asking for more? If you have already decided to add a blog to your WooCommerce store, it’s time you earn customer loyalty. Wondering how to accomplish this feat? It’s not that difficult when you get guidance from an expert like Digital Concepts. They offer the best recommendations for your business to shine bright among the customers. Sharing information about customers, ways in which they can make a difference, and how they use your products. You will make a flurry of customers feel good and respected and inspire others to prefer the items you offer.
  4. Rev up the search engine rankings
    Search engines prefer blogs as they stay anxious about high-end content. If have you not been able to improve your website since its launch and thinking about ways to boost organic traffic, new blog content is the right way to target your aim.  How can blog posts help?
    • They are appropriate for targeting long-tail keywords like ‘best landscaping services in Pembroke Pines’ for which the search volume is way higher for people searching area-specific services than ‘landscaping service’. You need to share posts that resolve the customers’ problems.
    • Create internal links to products you mention in reference and other posts on your site. That way you help the search engines to determine the most important pages and what your site is all about.
    • When visitors return to your site and stay longer, the search engines easily fathom how you are offering a better customer experience. Therefore, they are bound to share your website with several other users and rev up the site ranking.
  5. Building a library of social media content
    With regular social media content, you can engage existing customers and new shoppers. So, create a library of articles to meet the audience’s needs. Gift guides, how-to articles, and customer profiles can be shared several times every year.
    Are you ready to begin blogging? Share your WooCommerce concerns with an offshore web development company India and create a blogging platform to integrate with your stores.