6 Instagram Stories Features That Will Help You Get More Engagement

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In this article, I’m going to list 10 Instagram Stories features that will help you get more engagement.

Stories Feature 1: Mentions

Utilizing Instagram Stories is an excellent method to engage with your audience and maximize interaction. Here are some of the top features to leverage for optimal results in your Stories:

Mentions: Enhance your Stories by tagging other users using the @ symbol. This is an effective method for giving shoutouts, initiating conversations, and involving a broader audience in your story.

Location Tags: When you tag your location in Stories, you inform your followers about your current whereabouts and assist them in discovering related content. This feature proves especially handy when you’re attending a well-known event or visiting a popular spot.

Hashtags: Hashtags serve as a valuable tool for expanding your reach and gaining visibility on Instagram. Incorporate pertinent hashtags into your Stories to capture the attention of individuals interested in the related topic.

Stickers: Stickers add an enjoyable and interactive element to your stories, injecting a touch of excitement. They can also be employed to encourage engagement, such as prompting people to vote or share their thoughts on a specific topic.

Stories Feature 2: Story Polls

Story polls serve as an excellent means to engage your audience within your story. You can pose questions on a wide range of topics, from their culinary preferences to their views on current affairs. Creating story polls is quick and effortless, taking just a few seconds to set up. Moreover, they offer interactivity and amusement for your followers, making participation enjoyable.

To craft a story poll, start by swiping up from your home screen while creating a story. Next, choose the ‘poll’ option located at the bottom of the screen. You can then enter your question and provide two options for people to select. Once everything is configured, simply hit the ‘publish’ button and await the incoming responses!

Stories Feature 3: Linking Your Story to a New Post

Connecting your story to a recent post is an effective approach to boost engagement with your story. In essence, it’s like crafting a mini-advertisement for your new post, providing your followers with a sneak peek of its content. This tactic generates interest in your latest post and stimulates discussions around it.

Stories Feature 4: Hashtags

Utilizing hashtags can significantly enhance engagement with your Instagram Stories. When you employ a hashtag, you’re essentially associating your story with a keyword that users can search for. Consequently, if someone is searching for that particular hashtag, there’s a higher likelihood that they will come across your story.

To incorporate a hashtag into your story, simply prefix the ‘#’ symbol before the word or phrase you intend to use as a hashtag. For instance, if you’re posting a picture of your breakfast, you might apply hashtags like #foodporn or #nom.

Searching for hashtags within Instagram Stories is also possible. To initiate this, swipe up from the bottom of your screen while viewing a story. This action will reveal the hashtag keyboard, enabling you to search for particular hashtags.

For increased exposure of your stories, consider adding location tags. To achieve this, simply tap the ‘Add Location’ button while posting a story. This grants visibility to your story for individuals searching for that specific location.

Stories Feature 5: Promoting your Instagram Account on Other Platforms

There are several methods to promote your Instagram account on various platforms. One approach is to incorporate a link to your Instagram profile in the bio sections of other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, you can cross-promote your Instagram content on these platforms, using relevant hashtags and tagging @Instagram in your posts.

An alternative approach for Instagram promotion is through influencer marketing. This entails collaborating with prominent Instagram users who boast a substantial following. They can assist in promoting your account to their followers, extending your reach to a broader audience.

Lastly, you have the option to leverage paid advertising on Instagram to reach an even wider audience. Through this method, you can target potential customers based on their location, age, gender, and interests. Paid ads prove to be a potent means of enhancing visibility and attracting more followers to your account.

Stories Feature 6: Engaging with Other Instagrammers

To boost engagement on your Instagram Stories, consider utilizing specific features that can enhance interaction. A highly effective method for engaging with fellow Instagram users is by leveraging the Mentions feature. It enables you to tag and mention other users in your story, effectively grabbing their attention and prompting them to engage with your content.

Expanding your Instagram Story engagement is achievable by incorporating a few key strategies. Utilizing hashtags is one effective way to broaden your reach and stimulate discussions around your stories. Be sure to employ relevant and trending hashtags that facilitate easy content discovery. Additionally, crafting captivating and engaging content is essential to encouraging interaction and interaction with your audience.


Instagram Stories serves as a potent tool for expanding your reach and fostering greater engagement. With a well-devised strategy, Instagram Stories can facilitate audience connection, relationship-building, and even drive sales. If you haven’t incorporated Instagram Stories into your marketing plan yet, now is the ideal moment to begin. For those already utilizing it, these 10 features can elevate your Stories to the next level.

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